Weekly Update Week 15: April 10th – 14th

Operations Update

Port Terminals at Los Angeles / Long Beach Closed Unexpectedly April 6-7, 2023:
All international container terminals closed at the Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach for Thursday’s night shift (April 6, 2023) and Friday’s day shift (April 7, 2023).
An official statement from the ILWU said “On Friday, April 7, 2023, union members who observe religious holidays took the opportunity to celebrate with their families.”  It is unclear whether this was an official industrial action.  Negotiations on a new wage agreement between the port owners and the Unions continue.

French Update:
Strike action continues this week, Monday was a Public Holiday in France and Thursday, April 13th is scheduled for another general strike.  Port operations are expected to be further affected by reduced hours on other days.  We continue to use Antwerp for the great majority of French shipments and operations are beginning to back up there due to shortage of yard capacity.  Shipments from France are delayed between 1 – 4 weeks.  We encourage all of our customers purchasing from French producers to book as early as possible.

Elenteny’s Referral Program:
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Low Volume Lanes:

Georgia to New York- If you are considering wine from the country of Georgia, we currently have room on our consolidated container going to New York. If you would like to book a shipment, or if you want more information, please reach out to your sales representative, or reply to this email.

Germany to Oakland- We currently have room on our Germany to Oakland consolidated container. The logistics environment has changed recently to the point that it is both safe, and cost effective to ship directly into the port of Oakland. With this direct service, the cost of shipping to the west coast has dropped significantly. If you would like to take some or all of these spots, please reach out to your sales representative, or reply to this email.

News to Know

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“It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.

— Queen Elizabeth II

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