Important 2023 CBMA Changes

As part of Elenteny’s efforts to be ready for CBMA in 2023, we attended a TTB hosted webinar earlier this week that was helpful in shedding additional light on some of the process changes we can expect in the New Year. Below, we have provided some additional detail and timelines:

  • The MyTTB Importer portal will not launch until as late as April of 2023. Acceptance  of allocations or rejection of improperly allocated gallonage will not occur until Elenteny Imports is able to gain access.
  • Assignments may be made throughout the year, so if you begin working with a new winery who can offer you CBMA, they may assign you gallonage during the 2023 calendar year.
  • Elenteny will require that you have a foreign producer ID and assignment prior to entry. Our brokers will not clear with the C-Flag Indicator and valid Foreign Producer ID, as required by TTB on entry. Until they change this policy, we will require it as well.
  • Post Summary Corrections will no longer be filed with CBP through the customs broker, they will instead be managed through the TTB’s claims system (launching early 2023). Post Summary Corrections may be filed for up to 3 years from the date the tax is paid to CBP and will be filed by Elenteny.
  • CBMA credit will be deferred until quarterly fillings are recouped from U.S. Treasury,

If you still have questions about what you need to do before the end of the year, a link to our 2023 CBMA customer action list may be found here. And since many questions that relate specifically to your business may not have been answered yet, please reach out to Tom Davis at & Tim Kealey at We will answer your questions as promptly as possible.