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Operations Update

CBMA 2023 Important Update
Today, we published additional and important details of the 2023 CBMA program.  If you are intending to use CBMA discounts in 2023, it is imperative that you read and action the details, found here.


Rail Strike Called Off
NY Times: “ …Congress acted on Thursday to avert a nationwide rail strike, clearing legislation personally requested by President Biden that would impose a labor agreement between rail companies and their workers.”

More details may be found here.

Customer Spotlight: Five Flights Wines and Spirits

Five Flights Wines and Spirits imports fine Italian wines, vermouths, liqueurs, and distilled spirits uniquely expressive of history and place, created using highest quality, mindfully sourced ingredients.

Karen Ruocco, founder of Five Flights Wines and Spirits, grew up in the farmlands of New Jersey and now happily ping-pongs between New York and California. She created Five Flights Wines and Spirits to bring some of the most distinctive, thoughtfully-crafted Italian wines and spirits to the finest wine lists, bars, and bottle shops in California and New York.

Five Flights is a fond homage to the birthplace of Karen’s wine career: a fifth-floor prewar brownstone walk-up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

 Raising a glass to Five Flights!

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Bigger ships, no restrictions. With the completion of the harbor deepening, the port of South Carolina is now officially the deepest harbor on the East Coast.

Forget lemony and buttery ballads. Think delicate harmonies of soft pale fruit and light notes of toast. The Best White Burgundies in the World | Wine-Searcher News & Features

Bacardi eliminates plastic from their gift packs, removing almost 275 tons of single-use plastic from the packaging process.

What wines are you bringing to the holiday party? Here’s what made the sommeliers’ list.

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

-Vince Lombardi

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