Weekly Update Week 46: Nov 14th – 18th

Operations Update:

Next week is Thanksgiving! We’ll be celebrating with our friends and families and closed Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th. Wishing you the best during this busy time for sales leading up to the holiday!

Changes to CBMA Process in 2023
2023 will bring some radical changes to the way the Craft Beverage Modernization Act (CBMA) is performed. In this webinar Elenteny Imports CBMA Coordinator Tom Davis and Logistics Manager Tim Kealey, give some insight into those changes. They also discuss some do’s and don’ts to follow when working with the CBMA portal.  Check out the webinar here.

Values at Elenteny Imports
We recently spent some time discussing our core values at Elenteny Imports and want to share our top five.

Knowledge – We aim to be freight import experts, always learning more and refining what we do.

Integrity – We appreciate your business and operate with honesty and respect towards you and your team.

Transparency – In good times and in challenging times, we will tell you what is going on in the world of global logistics and how it affects your shipments.

Dedication – We are committed to helping your business grow and care about getting your wine, beer, cider or spirits into the US and where you need it as efficiently as possible.

Dynamism – In an ever-changing landscape, we’ll continue to evolve and find solutions.

Europe to North America Updates:

  • Demand is dropping for imports to the U.S. while capacity to the East Coast continues to suffer from congestion.

  • Equipment availability is an issue for ports in Western Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean.

  • Continue to plan for potential delays affecting pick up dates, and release from domestic warehouses.

Low Volume Lane Containers 
We have space on containers from Argentina and Germany.  If you are interested in getting your wine on the next available departure please submit your POs to po@elentenyimports.com or reach out to your account rep for more information.

News to Know

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Leaders can let you fail and yet not let you be a failure.

– Stanley A. McChrystal, Retired Army General

Cheers, Elenteny Imports