Weekly Update: Week 36: Aug 29th – Sept 2nd

Weekly Update

Week 36: Aug 29th – Sept 2nd

Operations Update:

Labor Day:  Elenteny Imports will be closed on Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day.

CBMA 2023:  The Craft Beverage Modernization Act (CBMA) will undergo some significant changes starting in 2023. (We are still waiting for confirmation of the exact start date). Currently, reductions in duty, due to CBMA, are applied at time of entry (filing) based on CBMA letters and assignment from the producer. Going forward, producers will assign CBMA credit to the importer via a dedicated producer portal in MyTTB, and importers will file their clearance documents, which, once validated, will trigger the relevant refund. As more information becomes available we will update you.  In the meantime more details may be found here.

East Coast Ports: In a clear change of historic trends, U.S. East Coast (USEC) ports are now handling more cargo than the U.S. West Coast (USWC) ports. Traditionally,  USWC handles 40% more volume than USEC but at the moment the demand is shifting and this is also the cause for the current congestion in some ports (Savannah, Newark, Houston) as well as the delays at the NY ports.

Peak freight season is underway, see below.  We encourage our customers to continue to order as early as possible, and anticipate 6 – 8 weeks delays in shipping.

News to Know

Peak season for ocean freight is underway and DHL Global Forwarding says it’s too early to declare a softening in trade volumes and a decrease in congestion. Peak freight season is underway and there’s no end in sight for congestion

Merger canceled. CMIC and Maersk would have combined two of the world’s four suppliers of refrigerated shipping containers. Shipping container suppliers abandon $987 million deal after U.S. probe

Legislators want to add liquor and wine containers to state’s bottle-deposit recycling program.

Congestion may shift from one port to the next, but overall the U.S. still has way too many ships waiting offshore. Only 8 ships waiting off Southern California — but 41 off Savannah

French region announces early 2022 harvest. Early harvest in Roussillon after July heatwave

Ports are starting to flow faster in Europe. N Europe port congestion eases as demand falls and strikes and holidays end – The Loadstar