September Newsletter

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Operations Update

Global Shipping Updates: 

Rates overview:  Worldwide average rates are falling led by the fall in Asia Pacific -> US rates. Unfortunately, Europe -> U.S rates remain at elevated levels, due to continued high demand, skipped sailings/missed ports, European labor actions and favorable currency rates.

LCL Shipments to West Coast: A number of you have reached out and asked when we plan to resume our direct LCL shipments to the US West Coast.  We continue to review our options and would welcome the opportunity to resume direct West Coast shipments ASAP.  While the congestion problem is easing on the West Coast, equipment shortages remain an issue, and it is still 30 – 40 days quicker to ship from Europe to the East Coast and truck to the West.  Additionally, services are limited, prices remain high and a new labor agreement is still a work in process. We wanted to remind you we continue to directly ship FCL’s to the West Coast.  We will update you as soon as these key considerations change sufficiently to allow us to resume direct West Coast LCL shipments.

We Still Have Some Space: For customers who are in need of an Italy to Oakland, or Spain to Oakland shipment you are in luck. We currently have limited space on these containers, which will be leaving soon. Please note that due to the current condition of west coast shipments, these will move through the port of New York, and be trucked to Oakland. Please contact your sales representative, or send your shipment information into

Port Update:

New York: No change.  PNCT continues to have up to three week wait times but limited delays at most terminals. Western has now pushed delivery appointments to the end of September. FDL inbounds have slowed. New rules regarding last free days on the port will most likely cause additional delays at New York Metro 3PLs later this month and persisting through December.

Oakland: Vessel waiting time is 15 days and yard utilization at 90% of capacity.

LA/Long Beach: There are 8 vessels waiting outside Los Angeles/Long Beach which is the lowest number since October 2020. Also, yard congestion is improving.

Customer Spotlight: Alluvial Wines

Founded in 2013 by Alejandro Roberts, Ben Doren, and Jason Moore, Alluvial Wines focuses on artisan producers abroad as well as in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Alluvial represents progressive producers who operate small, family-owned wineries. Each bottle they introduce to the U.S. market is a naturally balanced wine, carefully made with sustainable practices.

True to their terroir and varietal character, some even call them inspirational wines.

Raising a glass to Alluvial Wines!

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