Weekly Update Week 34: Aug 15th-19th

Operations Update:

We thought we’d share a few observations/forecasts affecting the global supply chain:

  • The Port of L.A has now set a monthly record in five of the last seven months.

  • East coast volumes are up 36% (YTD)

  • Port Tracker: Forecasts are for imports to slow in the second half of 2022, but 2022 is expected to bigger then 2021.

  • Recent labor disruptions are affecting: German ports, Antwerp ports, UK Ports and Australian ports.

  • Lower water levels on the Rhine are leading to additional backups at Northern European ports.

  • Global cargo volume is trending down, serious congestion is anticipated to continue will into 2023, however, improvements are forecasted to begin in late 2022.

  • Only 40% of shipments are arriving on time (June 2022 numbers).


The FDA renewal period for 2022 begins on October 1, 2022. This year’s renewal includes an additional step of obtaining and updating the registration with the facilities Unique Facility Identifier (“UFI”) otherwise known as the facilities “DUNS number.” We will send out more explicit instructions at a later date, but please note the address must appear exactly as it is reported on you FDA application.  Copy and paste the address information from your FDA registration into the query to avoid any typos/mismatch, etc.

Additionally, there are three possible Non-compliance Statuses you may have received notification of from FDA:

  •  UFI PENDING- FDA application does not have a UFI number listed.

  •  MISMATCH UFI – address on DUNS/UFI etc does not match FDA application address etc.

  •  INVALID UFI- have the incorrect or invalid UFI/DUNS number.

If you have received notification for any of the above issues your registration is NOT VALID and will cancel on January 1, 2023. PLEASE TAKE ACTION TO REMEDY YOUR APPLICATION OR DUNS/UFI NUMBER PRIOR TO THE CLOSURE OF RENEWAL PERIOD.

News to Know

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