Weekly Update Week 24: June 5th-10th

Operations Update:

Price Outlook 
We are currently waiting for the July carrier rates and expect to receive them by the end of next week.  We have already received notification that MSC is increasing their shipping costs, again, effective July 1st for the Western Mediterranean: Southern France (Fos-sur-Mer), Italy, Spain, Portugal. When we receive all of the new rates, we will determine the effect on pricing and publish any changes as soon as possible.

Port Update

NY/NJ:  Vessel waiting time averaging up to 3 days at the APM Terminal and between 1-3 weeks at PNCT Terminal due to severe berth congestion. Import freight surges are putting severe pressure on terminal availability to accept empty container returns at the port. This is impacting drayage operations – preventing the ability to pickup before the last free day and subsequent additional costs.


Oakland:  Vessel wait time is marginally better than last week around 7-10 days due to high import volume, labor availability. Yard utilization is at 90% of capacity. Trucking capacity delays averaging around 5 days.

Los Angeles/Long Beach:  Vessel wait time on average is around 5-19 days (Los Angeles) and 12-21 days (Long Beach) due to high import volumes, dwell times, and labor availability. 15 containerships at berth with additional 31 vessels waiting offshore. The Clean Truck Fund Fee starts April 1st 2022 for all loaded import and export container cargo moving in or out of terminals at Los Angeles or Long Beach.

Houston:  Vessel waiting time is 2-8 days due to high import volume, labor availability, and late arriving vessels. General trucking capacity is averaging about a week. Chassis deficits are adding to Houston congestion.

Norfolk:  Vessel waiting time is 2-3 days due to import volumes and berth congestion. General trucking capacity delays in the area averaging around 10 days for all equipment types.

News to Know

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