Weekly Update: Week 22: May 23rd-27th

Operations Update:

Commercial Invoice Requirements

We recently published an imported memo that we have sent a couple of times since early 2020. We wanted to send it again as a refresher of the requirements on a Commercial Invoice. It is very important these items are included otherwise it can hold up customs clearance. Included in the memo is an example pro-forma invoice.  Please note, starting July 1st, if the Commercial Invoice your supplier submits does not follow the guidelines above, there will be a $25 fee plus any fees resulting if we can not clear a container on time.


CBMA Revisions Update

Attention for those who participate in our CBMA program. We are currently undergoing changes in our CBMA customs process. The main change that will impact you is that if your arriving CBMA gallons exceed what was assigned on your 2022 letter, we will no longer be able to provide the CBMA for that order.

A revised letter with gallons that cover all your 2022 CBMA orders will need to be provided two weeks prior to arrival.

You may need to consider:  

  1. For new CBMA letters, request an overestimation on what you may import to avoid having to worry about revisions.

  2. For CBMA letters that EIenteny has already received, please be aware what has already been imported in 2022. If there are POs set to come in and you are unsure if the original letter will cover the gallonage, please request a revised letter well before arrival and send the revision to cbma@elentenyimports.com as soon as possible.

Due to this new process, we will also now no longer be able to apply CBMA letter if it is not received before arrival.    

For any questions please reach out to cbma@elentenyimports or your sales representative. Thank you!

Memorial Day

Elenteny Imports will be closed on Monday, May 30th for the Memorial Day holiday.

Most USA port terminals will also  be closed or have limited operations.  This will add to existing port delays.

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