FDL Price Increase 12.1.2021

Fond du Lac informed us that effective January 3rd, there will be additions to our price sheet on the following items:

1.       Pick fee – A $0.25/case pick fee will be charged for all outbound LTL/National orders (orders not being delivered to the consignee by FDL or DNT)
2.       Line-item Pricing (inbound) – For each SKU above 10 on an inbound trailer, a $10/SKU fee will be charged
3.       Line-item Pricing (Outbound LTL) – For each SKU above 10 on an outbound LTL order, a $10/SKU fee will be charged. Multiple orders shipping to the same consignee on the same day will be aggregated for purposes of calculating the appropriate line-item charge

You can read the full notice here.