December Newsletter

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What’s New at Elenteny?

Globe Enhancements

Globe™ is utilized by Elenteny Imports Partners to manage their product-related data with the Elenteny team.  Freight customers use Globe™ to track their shipments.  Currently, we have a select set of reports available for both partners and freight customers who are able to pull their data in real time.

We are in the requirements stage for Globe improvements and would appreciate your feedback. Please click here to provide your input.

For Our Distribution Partners

This is our first notice regarding our planned shut-down to physically count all inventory, wall-to-wall at Fond du Lac.  It will take place February 17th through February 24th 2022.

Here is what you need to know:

  • No delivery, sample, or national orders will be processed by Fond du Lac for pick up/delivery on the dates of Thursday February 17th to February 23rd.

  • Orders placed Wednesday February 16th will ship out Thursday February 17th.

  • National orders placed prior to February 17th will remain available for pick up through the week of shut down.

  • Inventory will reopen Thursday February 23rd for orders going out Friday the 24th.

The rest of our warehousing operations will have shut down dates during that range and will be included in our next update.

Please reach out to me with any questions you have, and we’ll do our best to answer as well as keep you informed of the details surrounding this plan.

Customer Spotlight: The Piedmont Guy

The Piedmont Guy only imports wines from the Piedmont region in Italy.  From the Langhe through the Roero to the Alto Piemonte, these family-owned wineries produce distinctive, unforgettable.

This passionate importer has discovered that promoting their wines is as simple as telling their stories.

Raising a glass to The Piedmont Guy!

Keeping you in the Loop

Dates & News you need to know


Only one-third of vessels operate on schedule. Schedule Reliability Remains Low for Containerships.



Southern California sees some progress at reducing port congestion.


Online spending totaled $8.9 billion on Black Friday, slightly less than 2020. Black Friday Spending Fell for the First Time Ever.


Empty space near the port of Los Angeles gets put to good use. Pop-up container yards act as a pressure valve for port congestion.


The evolution continues. You saw new packaging, new ingredients, and now there’s new openers.  As Craft Beer Culture Evolves, Cult Bottle Openers Emerge.


Alexi Cashen: From sales to CEO: A female entrepreneur’s journey in the beverage alcohol industry.


How do visual cues influence perception? Even the shape of a bottle may affect your expectations. Andrew Jefford: ‘A wine’s visual cues shout, stamp, whistle and roar’.

Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Interview with Emily Darchuk

Say you’ve got a spirit that can’t be categorized. It’s not tequila, vodka, or gin. How do you get something so new off the ground?

Listen to Alexi interview Emily Darchuk,  Founder and CEO of Wheyward Spirit, a farm-to-flask, award-winning company that creates specialty spirits made from upcycled ingredients.

You’ll discover how Emily saw a gap in the food system and decided to do something about it. After working in the natural food and dairy industry, she realized that products were going to waste. Instead of waiting around for a solution, Emily created her own through an agricultural-based spirit: Wheyward.


Listen here: Interview with Emily Darchuk