Weekly Update: Week 39: September 27th- October 1st

News to Know


Why are supply chains so messed up? The simple explanation is that the huge increase in volume is too much for the supply chain infrastructure to handle. If you’re interested in understanding a more complex answer, check out this interview with the CEO of Freightwaves.


Doing what it takes to avoid shortages and delays. As the global crisis rages on, Costco and Home Depot are renting their own container ships to prevent shipping-related delays.


A quick solution just ahead? Sorry, no. Congestion, Delays and Supply Chain Challenges Will Continue into 2022.


Speeding up schedules by streamlining stops. Maersk plans to skip ports to speed-up schedules.


Creating more space after experiencing the 2nd busiest month in the port’s history. Port of Savannah to Expedite Capacity Expansion as Congestion Builds.


Champagne could see its smallest crop for 40 years, according to France’s agriculture ministry. Champagne 2021 harvest.