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LCL Emergency Surcharge Change

In our pricing communication dated August 12th, we raised our standard LCL rates to reflect a previous general price increase from the shipping lines, and lowered our emergency surcharge rates.  We have been notified by the shipping lines that there will be additional increases in freight rates and emergency charges.  As a result, we have decided not to increase our basic rates again, hoping that these prices will be reduced at some point in the future. Instead, we have decided to change the emergency charges from the $1 -> $2 price range to ~$2 -> $5 price range.

The emergency charges are a pass through from the freight providers; what we pay, you pay. Full details may be found here.

Strikes in Europe Announced, Update on Labor Action at Australian Ports

  • France –  24 hour strike at Le Havre Port October 15, 2021French dock worker trade unions have called for a 24 hour strike on October 15, 2021.  There will be no container operations (empty pickups or deliveries of loaded).
  • Italy – 24 hour General strike on October 11, 2021Italian workers have called for a general strike on October 11th, which will involve port terminal operations.  There will be no container pickups or deliveries.
  • Australia – Update on Industrial Action / Patrick’s Melbourne Terminal87 workers at Patrick’s Melbourne Terminal are undergoing new quarantine measures after an additional worker tested positive.  This has reduced the available workforce to about 50%.  Due to the delays from health safety protocols, the trade unions have withdrawn all planned strike action at Patrick’s Melbourne terminal only.


Strike action for all remaining Patrick’s terminals (Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle) is still in effect.


Plan for Delays for Scheduled Loads 

Under normal circumstances it typically takes a week to clear the backlog from 1 day of strike action.  Since global shipping has been disrupted and major ports have been dealing with supply chain congestion since last summer, expect that this will add to the overall lead times for new bookings and the total transit time for scheduled loads.

Customer Spotlight: Roni Selects

Roni Selects is an importer and distributor of natural wine made by a community of savants connected by a common joie de vivre.

The company was founded in 2017 by Roni Ginach, former wine director of Michael’s Santa Monica. When Tony Coturri, California’s grandfather of natural wine, needed a hand with his Los Angeles distribution, he asked Roni to help him out.  From there, Roni Selects grew organically until it finally found its form as a home and platform for producers working at the radical margins and origins.

Roni Selects now represents winemakers from France, Germany, Italy, The US and Georgia and is constantly growing.

Raising a glass to Roni Selects!

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