Weekly Update Week 38: Sept 20th – 25th

News to Know


October 1st: Final day to add your comments to the pending regulations on competition in the wine industry.  Deadline Approaching to Comment on Regulations to Improve Competition for Small Producers

2021 Harvest Update: France looking at historically small crop
Many French winemakers faced grueling conditions in 2021, largely due to severe frost and fierce battles against mildew, but as harvest gets underway there is still optimism about the quality of grapes that made it through.  The full decanter article may be found here.

MSC goes large on bubbles

There’ll be more than the normal champagne bubbles when many of Mediterranean Shipping Co’s (MSC) raft of newbuilds start to deliver over the coming few years following news yesterday of the single largest ever order for air lubrication systems.

Silverstream’s technology has been independently proven to save 5-10% of fuel and emissions by generating a rigid carpet of air bubbles that reduce friction between the hull and the water.

Read the full article here.

Other news that may interest you


Logjam shatters record. Los Angeles Port Logjam Has Enough Containers to Cross Half the U.S.


LA/LB ports to test expanded night and weekend hours. Seeking to reduce box congestion with Move toward 24/7 operation.


Southern California ports would need two weeks with zero vessel arrivals to clear logjam — but the ships keep coming. Just how many containers of cargo are stuck off California’s coast?


Can your wine win over a millennial in a blind taste test? LA’s latest competition creates a new breed of connoisseurs.


Champagne flowing again, but battle far from over. Champagne producers end Russia embargo but still want law change.