Weekly Update Week 37: Sept 13th – 17th

Operations Update:



News to Know


Hard seltzer goes from virtually unknown to the hottest trend in beverage alcohol. See other trends for 2021.


Brace yourselves. Vaccine mandate, infrastructure bill could push trucking rates higher. Up 5% may not be enough for truckload rates in 2022.


The US drinks industry is highly successful but incredibly fragmented and fraught with confusing local legislation. President Joe Biden might be about to change all that. Biden set to shake up drinks distribution in the US.


Shifting regulations around competition in the Beer, Wine, and Spirits Markets? Browse the comments to see what arguments people are making about relaxing the regulations.


The world’s third-largest ocean carrier, France’s CMA CGM, puts a cap on spot rates. What does this mean for container shipping? While this is potentially good news from one carrier, MSC recently announced surcharges to the East and West Coast and warned of potential additional increases, full details may be found here.


The Suez canal is back in the news, but this time for an “Awww” moment: the world’s largest hospital ship gets free passage. More money for life-saving operations and care-giver training in Africa.