Elenteny Imports – Operations Update: Week of April 19th – 24th

Elenteny Imports – Operations Update: Week of April 19th – 24th

We continue to operate in a very challenging environment for both our Freight Consolidation & Distribution services. All of our shipping lanes continue to run at reduced capacity, and our Stateside warehouses are still operating with limited staff.

Latest Updates

  • The US government issued a notice regarding Deferment of Duty Payments on April 12th. We have determined that, unfortunately, this is not applicable to the 25% tariff or any shipments containing 25% tariff items, thereby limiting its effectiveness. We continue to research the details, and we will notify you as soon as we have more information.
  • South Africa wine exports have been suspended again, currently through to April 30th.
  • While the industry continues to suffer a severe reefer shortage, the situation has eased with the exception of France. We will always give you the option of shipping via an insulated container, at a reduced cost, or waiting for a reefer container.  Unfortunately, it has become difficult to predict the availability of reefer containers for France with any certainty.  For the moment, we are prioritizing French reefer containers for our west coast shipments.
  • We have added a section to our new website dedicated to Covid-19 updates. Look for the blue banner at the top of the page at elentenyimports.com

Freight Discounts

As part of our ongoing initiative to support you through these difficult times, we continue to offer a 10% discount on our LCL rates and $800 off FCL shipments. This will apply to all orders submitted by the end of May.

France – Upcoming Bank Holidays
Be prepared for some additional scheduling disruptions around the bank holidays in France, which are:

  • Friday, May 1st
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • Monday, June 1st

How to Plan
We encourage you to prepare for longer than usual scheduling times to work around holidays, supplier availability and bookings.  Please reach out to us to schedule your shipments as far in advance as possible.

Distribution Updates

Warehouses continue to operate with limited staff, resulting in delayed turnaround times for physical requests and inbounds.  FDL’s latest delivery schedule can be found here.

Helpful Resources

  • It is estimated that currently, worldwide shipping providers are operating at 50% capacity.  This results in delayed and canceled shipments.  Click here for a complete overview.
  • For more information on the impact of COVID-19 on global freight operations, including a country by country overview, please click here.

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