July 2017 Newsletter

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“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”  —Wallace Stevens

As you know, TTB requires COLA approval for every alcoholic beverage being brought into the US for resale. TEI maintains its protocol and requires valid TTB ID numbers for any product imported into the US. TTB just migrated their software with the US Customs’ software, making the requirements to clear entries more stringent.  We need your help making sure that your TTB COLAs are valid and that when setting up new items, you enter VALID TTB ID references.
Any number provided to TEI that comes back as invalid or does not appropriately represent the item shipped will be flagged and could result in delayed clearance.

TEI will not be responsible for any costs associated with intervention of US Customs. We kindly ask that all partners are diligent in filing for, and double-checking, their TTB ID numbers at the time of order submission. Any order missing a valid TTB ID number will not be booked.

“Summer Slowdown” in Europe:
While there is a fairly accurate belief that “Europe Goes on Vacation in August”it is important to note that TEI does not. Due to reduced trucking capacity from carriers, coupled with an increased sense of urgency of export markets rushing to get wines collected before August, pickup lead times take a bit longer during the months of July/August. Please note on all PO submissions if there are any closure dates that we need to be aware of prior to collection. It would be prudent to plan for an extra week of lead time for orders placed over the next four weeks; however, we hope to achieve our average projected lead times throughout the summer months.
Spanish Dockworker Agreement Reached: 
Spanish dockworkers unions and their employers reached a final agreement in a meeting held Thursday in Madrid.  This cancels the remaining previously announced strike dates; however, it will take some time for port terminal congestion to return to normal levels. Please plan for an extra week of lead time for Spanish POs through the month of July to work through the backlog.

New Hires!!:
We are excited to announce some recent additions to the team!
Han Le: Purchasing Specialist
Processing of purchase orders and special instructions regarding readiness and pickups
Jessica Leigh: Logistics Support
Our “utility player” in the logistics department providing back-up support to all roles in this department
Claudia Brennan: Accounts Receivable
Assisting the accounting department with incoming payments from you/your customers
Cheryl Close: Executive Sales Administrator 
Bridging the gap between our sales team and our other departments as well as offering support to customers regarding any TEI service
Ian Hiatt: Sales Analyst
Supporting the sales team by analyzing data and generating quotes for full containers and/or non-traditional shipments

Fourth of July Schedules:
TEI and all partnering warehouses will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th. No orders will be processed; nor will deliveries be made on this date. Normal delivery schedules will resume the following day.

Have a happy and successful July!

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