Final 2023 Update : A message from our CEO

To Our Elenteny Imports Community:

As the year rounds the corner, I look back on 2023 with gratitude.  Our industry has prevailed through several years of post-pandemic and unstable supply chain moments, and I am grateful to you, our customers, for your support and partnership.

We continue to strengthen our team at Elenteny with a focus on our values: we deepen our collective industry knowledge, which is the bedrock of our services. We approach customer service with transparency and professionalism.  We value integrity with all individuals in our midst and build our offerings around the same.  A new value has emerged, as we recognize the freedom we offer our customers to focus on your core business needs, while trusting Elenteny to support your logistics and compliance needs.

I am personally grateful for the continued opportunity to lead as the Chief Executive Optimist at Elenteny Imports, and I welcome the bright days ahead as we welcome a new year!

Click this link to enjoy a whimsical New Year’s card!


Alexi Cashen