November Newsletter 2023

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Big News at Elenteny Imports

We would like to announce a big change at Elenteny Imports. Tim Elenteny has sold his equity to Alexi Cashen, who will remain our CEO.  Alexi and Tim co-founded Elenteny Imports 13 years ago and together have cultivated an amazing community of importers, winemakers, sales people, vendors, and our dear employees.  We are deeply proud of this community and cherish the relationships we share. Thank you for your business, for your friendship and for the opportunities that await us all.

Please reach out with questions, and please join us in wishing Tim adieu as he embarks upon a new chapter.

Yours Truly,

Alexi Cashen

Operations Update

European Union (EU) Emissions Trading System (EU ETS):
Effective January 1, 2024, there will be a new surcharge coming on all ocean shipments that originate within the EU. The ETS is a carbon taxation system, and ship operators will be required to monitor and report their emissions then provide EU Allowances (EUA) based on CO2 emissions.  The amount of the surcharge has yet to be determined, but is expected to be in the $20 – $180 range per 40ft container.  We will update you as soon as we have more detail.

Port Charge Increases

Los Angeles, Long Beach, CA

Effective November 1, 2023 the Traffic Mitigation Fee (Pier Pass) will increase to:  $35.57 per 20 foot container and $71.14 per 40 foot container

Oakland, CA
Terminal fee will increase on January 1, 2024 to:

$40.00 per container, with $1.40 admin fee

Warehouse Update 
After weeks of work re-arranging inventory at Sidekick and realigning their staff needs with the current surge of business, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. We have been told that by the end of this week (week 44), they expect to be largely caught up, and that turnaround times will be reduced to 48 hours on average.

FDL: After some sporadic backlogs, FDL is running on typical timeframes with 24-48 hour turnarounds.

Low Volume Lanes Update 
LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following lower volume lanes:

  • France to OAK:   600 cases
  • France (FOS) to NY:  700 cases (Building a new container)
  • Spain to OAK:   Building a new container
  • Italy to OAK:  Building a new container
  • Germany to NY:  500 cases
  • Portugal to NY:  1000 cases
  • Portugal to OAK:  Building a new container
  • Austria to NY:  1000 cases
  • New Zealand to OAK:  Building a new container
  • Australia to NY:  800 Cases
  • Georgia to NY:  Full


  • Italy to Seattle:  1100 cases (Building a new container)
  • France to Seattle: 600 cases
  • South America to NY: 1200 cases (building a new container)

High Frequency LCL Lanes:

  • Italy to NY:         Multiple shipments per week
  • France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week
  • Spain to NY:      One shipment per week
Customer Spotlight: Dr. Zero Zero

With Dry January fast approaching we are spotlighting one our Non-Alcoholic clients!

Dr Zero Zero owner, Giovanni Cozzi is using Elenteny to import his Non Alcoholic Amaro, the AmarNo. For centuries Italians have appreciated the flavor and digestive properties of bitter herbs, the key ingredients of the Amaros. AmarNo contains extracts of sage, Chinese Rhubarb, wormwood, and quassia, considered by many as digestive stimulants as well as tonics benefitting energy levels  The love of Amaro is an Italian tradition. Master craftsmen have kept perfecting this essential spirit. Today, Cozzi’s Dr Zero Zero Non-Alcoholic version, maintains the flavor and smoothness that has delighted us for so long in this country of world-renowned food and drink culture.

Prior, Giovanni Cozzi has a rich business and distinguished academic history. He created Rising Alternative to expand the international distribution of the Opera and Ballet in Cinema to over 40 countries, aggregating content from prestigious European and American cultural institutions such as the Teatro all Scala, the Salzburg Festival, the Opera de Paris, the Wiener Staatsoper, the Bolshoi Ballet company, the San Francisco Opera, Madrid’s Teatro Real, Barcelona’s Liceu, and many more!

Giovanni also said: “Just also want you to know that I have been very happy with Elenteny services and appreciate all the help you and your team have provided.”

Raising a glass to Dr Zero Zero!

Keeping you in the Loop

News you need to know

In the Panama Canal, booking slots will be cut from 31 to 25 per day. Panama Canal to Slash Daily Transits Further Due to Drought  We anticipate the new restrictions will have limited affect on container ships.

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Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

–  Voltaire

Cheers, Elenteny Imports