Current LCL Timelines

Planning is tough, and the current environment is not helping. We ship hundreds of containers each year from multiple countries, and we would like to use the information we have to help you with your planning. Below you will find the current available average timelines for our LCL shipping lane. This information is compiled from shipments over the past 4 months, and is updated weekly.


Country of Origin POD POL Average of Lead Time Average of Time on the water Average of Pick up to Delivered Time
Austria New York Le Havre 51.00 19.00 80.00
France New York Le Havre 21.98 12.30 44.27
France New York Fos-sur-Mer 21.19 16.72 47.91
France Oakland Le Havre 35.26 49.02 94.28
France Seattle Le Havre 29.40 51.00 90.40
Germany New York Rotterdam 60.44 14.00 84.44
Italy New York Livorno 25.05 16.56 51.62
Italy Oakland La Spezia 32.36 46.00 88.36
Italy Seattle La Spezia 43.09 46.00 99.09
Spain New York Barcelona 23.89 14.30 48.19


The above values are shown in days.