Weekly Update: Week 40: September 26th-30th

Operations Update:

Warehouse Update: 
A number of our warehouse partners are experiencing delays inbounding inventory due to inventory surges and staffing shortages.  Industry wide, 67% of container detentions are driven by warehouse congestion.  Below, is an update by warehouse:

FDL (NJ)- Fond du Lac is now backed up by 48-72 hours.

Western (NJ)- Appointments are now being made up to 4-weeks out.

Sidekick (CA)- Delays into mid-October.

MMK (IL)- Currently receiving goods from Chilled and pushing off further transfer receipts until after the weekend. They are building in additional racking to handle Elenteny customers’ inventory.

CWE (CO)- Currently closed to new partner customers due to lack of space.

Koverly/Elenteny Webinar:  
Last week we announced a strategic FX partnership with Koverly to offer guaranteed best in market, no fee, foreign exchange rates.  Yesterday, we held a joint Webinar with Koverly, the replay of the webinar will be published in next week’s newsletter.

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