Weekly Update: Week 12: March 21st-25th

Operations Update:

Arrivals at Port Explained

With the current backlog at ports, and the effect on arrival times, we thought it would be helpful to outline the current port process. Although vessels are arriving at the waters off their allocated Ports, this arrival date does not necessarily mean that the vessels will be allocated a port berth, depending on the port, actual docking may take from days to many weeks (in the case of Long Beach/L.A)

Once a vessel docks, it may spend another 1-4 days offloading containers into the port facility. The container then has to be made available by the terminal at which time it is allocated a Last Free Day by the port facility. The last free day (LFD) denotes the date that a drayage company can pick up the container before charges (referred to as demurrage) are assessed. Generally, due to the availability of chassis and trucks, Last Free Day is the day the container will be picked up.  We are seeing LFD’s range from between 4- 12 days after a container is offloaded. Elenteny does not influence the allocation of the LFD by the Port.

Port Process Overview:

  • Updated ETA : Vessel arrives to waters off port (Day 1)
  • Vessel moves from outside the port and docks (~2 days -> many weeks, port dependent)
  • Container offloaded (1-4 days)

  • LFD : Allocated by the Port after the container is offloaded from the vessel (4 –12 days)

  • Warehouse Inbound : once the container has arrived at the warehouse the inbound is generally provided between 2 -4 days depending on the warehouse backlog.

  • The total process can take between 5 – 16 days plus any additional wait time to enter port.

Spanish Delays

The Spanish truck driver strike that started last week continues and is now estimated to be impacting 85% of transport in Spain.  We will continue to update you on any progress, in the meantime please anticipate delays in any Spanish shipments.

Italian Delays

We are experiencing increasings delays in booking Italian containers to both the East and West coast.  Currently these delays are adding an additional 2 – 3 weeks for Italian shipments.

West Coast Bookings Hapag v MSC Costs

Currently, there are two shipping line options for the West coast.  MSC is offering a quicker service but charging thousands dollars in additional Emergency costs.  Wherever possible, will give our customers the choice to use Hapag or MSC, which ultimately comes down to a speed versus cost decision.

DHL’s Acquisition of Hillebrand Has Been Approved

Antitrust authorities approved DHL’s acquisition of Hillebrand, Gori and Hillebrand will now operate under the new brand name Hillebrand Gori – a DHL company.  The full press release may be found here.

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