Weekly Update Week 3: January 17th-21st

Operations Update:

Seattle LCL shipments are suspended for Q1 and potentially beyond.  The continued delays and overcrowding at the port of Seattle have led the shipping lines to cancel Seattle services, for at least Q1.   Other options for LCL shipments are to ship to Oakland, or inquire about our consolidations that go through the port of NY and straight to Seattle for de-consolidation there.


For our customers using the  Fond Du Lac (FDL) warehouse, the Elenteny inventory shut down,  will now take place February 10th through February 17th 2022.

Inbound Logistics Published an Elenteny Imports & BREA Wine Co. Case Study

The study highlights how partnering with Elenteny Imports to manage compliance, logistics, and other functions allowed BREA Wine Co. to focus on product quality and business growth. You can find the case study here.

News to Know

Diesel trucks get a reprieve. Port authority in Vancouver, B.C. has decided that now is not the time to roll out a long-planned ban on older diesel trucks. Port of Vancouver Delays Old-Truck Ban Due to Supply Chain Issues.


To-go cocktails to stay on the menu? New York Governor Kathy Hochul wants to permanently legalize the sale of cocktails to-go as part of a small business recovery plan. Hochul Backs Permanent Legalization Of To-Go Cocktails As Part Of Recovery Plan.


Given their effects on inflation, supply chain woes and port congestion are getting attention at the central-bank level. How supply chain chaos and sky-high costs could last until 2023.


Breweries persevered through an unpredictable year. What adaptations will they make in 2022? 6 Beer Industry Trends to Watch in 2022 | SevenFifty Daily.


The wine industry is once again proving its resilience. See key trends shaping the wine world. 6 Wine Industry Trends to Watch in 2022 | SevenFifty Daily.


European terminals are not built to handle either the volume or the ultra-large container vessels they are seeing. No sign of promised improved wait times for European barge operators – The Loadstar.


A judge’s surprising answer for dairy might impact the wine industry. Is Gruyère Still Gruyère if It Doesn’t Come From Gruyères? – The New York Times.