The Great Champagne Drought of 2021—Potentially

“There is an unprecedented volume of wine arriving in the U.S.,” noted Alexi Cashen, co-founder, and CEO of Elenteny Imports, a wine and spirits distribution and logistics company based in New York. “This swelling of inventory has caused warehouses to refuse new product at their main [locations] and seek out emergency storage facilities.” But even if the wine gets to a warehouse, thanks to a shortage of trucks and truck drivers there is no telling when the wine will actually get delivered. Over and over again, Ms. Cashen has had to field the same question: “So my wine is in the warehouse—but when can I sell it?”

Read the WSJ article published by Lettie Teague: “The Great Champagne Drought of 2021—Potentially” where Elenteny Imports shares insights on the state of distribution, freight-forwarding, and logistics sectors in the wine and spirits industry.