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The window for East Coast holiday shipments is here.

Based on the information we have from recent arrivals, the time has come to place your holiday shipments. This is primarily aimed at any wine that you require for Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t hurt to get an early jump on Christmas. Unlike Santa, Elenteny Imports does not have a red nosed reindeer to help guide our shipments to their destinations as scheduled. So we are relying on an early warning system to help you avoid any unforeseen delays. Here is a list of the current time frames you can expect from our various points of origin.

Customer Spotlight: Prufrock Wines

Like the T. S. Eliot poem, Prufrock Wines was born from the “lamentation of inertia.” With a sense of oenophilic anguish, Prufrock embraces wines that are confounding yet satisfying, complex yet effortless, seductive, yet respectably so.

Founded in 2014 by Joshua Segal, Prufrock brings in soulful wines from France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, California and Oregon.  Each wine is made with sustainable, organic and natural practices.

Raising a glass to Prufrock Wines!

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Dates & News you need to know

Do you absorb rising costs, or pass it on? What One Winemaker’s Pricing Decisions Tell Us About Inflation.


Task force created to help with supply chain challenges. White House Hopes John D. Porcari Will Help Ease Supply Chain Disruptions.



Off-premise wine sales lag behind 2020, while direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipment channel shows resilience.



What do the experts suggest? Shortages, Bottlenecks and Price Spikes: Planning for the Rest of 2021.



NFTs Have Arrived In The Wine Industry. While most of the excitement around NFTs has been in the world of digital art, wine lovers wanting to get in on the action can rest easy. In recent months the wine world has dipped its toes into the arena of NFTs, and this week the first all-NFT wine brand is being brought to market.



Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Interview with Grace O’Reilly

Biodynamic farming is a relatively new implementation to grow barley. Unfortunately, this means there is little data on how barley environments create and shape taste. Grace O’Reilly is changing that. She is implementing new ways to track data and source it down to the farm where the barley was born.

Tune in as Alexi talks to Grace O’Reilly, Agronomist at Waterford Distillery. Discover how to use older art forms of distillation, and see how Grace brought back several antique strains of barley, producing unique whiskey by merging them with modern, organic ways of farming.

Listen to Interview with Grace O-Reilly.