Weekly Update: Week 33: Aug 16th -20th

Deutsche Post DHL Group to Acquire Ocean Freight Forwarding Expert J.F. Hillebrand Group

Deutsche Post DHL Group (“DPDHL”) has signed an agreement to acquire up to 100% of J.F. Hillebrand Group AG (“Hillebrand”) and its subsidiaries at an equity value of around €1.5 billion. Hillebrand is a global service provider specialized in ocean freight forwarding, transport and logistics of beverages. Gori and Hillebrand will both be in the DHL group of companies when the acquisition is complete, subject to EU and US approvals.  Hillebrand is one of Elenteny’s freight vendors.  More details may be found here.

Number of New Container Ships on Order Continues to Rebound


Domestic Trucking Update

Domestic / Over the Road Shipping Trucking volumes and rates are running nearly double the five-year average today, demonstrating how hot this freight market currently is. Disruptions in material shortages, port congestion and intermodal restrictions have boosted volumes and rates through the first week of August. Truck utilization rates however are maxing out supply, coupled with chronic driver shortages, means that carriers will continue to have pricing pressure moving into 2022.

West Coast Shipments

Thanksgiving Wine: The sooner the better

If you are on the West Coast, it is time to start booking your Thanksgiving shipments. With the current state of the supply chain, European wines to the West Coast are seeing timelines of 90+ days from when a shipment is ready at the vineyard, to when it lands in your warehouse. This means shipments booked now are projected to land around mid November. Do not wait. If there is one thing we all need more of heading into the holiday season, it is wine.

West coast Spanish Importers, potential year end last call

Just in case you missed the previous one hundred notices, logistics is very unpredictable right now. Spanish shipments that are ready at your producer now are projected to be ready in California at the end of November. This does not include the annual holiday delays, which will create more disruptions. Please do not wait. Any shipments submitted after August 31st run the risk of not arriving until 2022.

News to Know

Retailers are pulling inventory forward in order to combat congestion issues. Containers don’t lie — and currently they tell the unvarnished ugly story of the supply chain bottleneck facing importers. U.S. shippers this holiday season will need more than Rudolph’s red nose to guide them through the whiteout of congestion.


Tim Atkin, MW on sports that are new to the 2020 Olympics and how we should embrace the new world order in wine, too.


Women are taking over their family wineries in Alsace. Read the story of Agathe Bursin who, from a young age set out to be a winemaker, going against the grain and has become a Grand Cru level success.


Wine and Culture Fest in Atlanta is coming up. Read all about it here in a Vinepair interview with Hue Society and Wine & Culture Fest founder, Tahiirah Habibi.