Weekly Update: Week 15: April 12th – 16th


On April 6th, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) updated the filing process for CBMA, reducing the time we have to update our records for live filing. Due to this change, we must have 2021 CBMA assignment letters on file at least 14 days prior to the arrival of correlating orders. Any letter received after that date will require us to file an updated customs submission at an additional cost.

Failure to request and submit a letter to CBMA@elentenyimports.com prior to the 2-week period of arrival will result in an additional $50 refiling fee which will be in addition to our standard  $45 CBMA fee. Please bear in mind that we have hundreds of suppliers enrolled in this program and while we want to follow up on each order where CBMA was previously applied, it will be nearly impossible to do so as we move into a busy season.

You can check your Open PO report in Globe™ to see if we have logged receiving a letter from your supplier. If you have any questions or are unsure if we have a letter on file, please reach out to us at cbma@elentenyimports.com

“Free Day” – Delays in NY/NJ Ports

Free days at port are the amount of time that you are granted, after your container arrives, before Demurrage & Detention charges are levied. Due to continued and increased congestion at the port of NY/NJ, some terminals are providing a total of 10 to 12 free days on some containers. As truckers are working on a last free day basis, due to very tight trucking capacity, this is creating more delays in the inbound timeline. Over the next few weeks, you may experience a longer delay than expected before your wine is available.

Global Freight Rate Index With Key Developments

Carriers responded to early COVID-19 lack of demand with massive vessels lay-ups. As economies re-started, carriers cautiously reinstated capacity. In many regions (example: North America) consumption spiked due to more disposable income available to consumers: Less spending on services such as vacation travel, but higher spending on consumer durables boosted container shipping and rates.  Increased demand led to equipment imbalance and shortages.

News to Know

Vineyards across France suffer from a severe frost.  France’s government has said it will declare an ‘agricultural disaster’ following severe spring frosts that look set to hit the country’s 2021 wine harvest and have also affected other parts of Europe – but winemakers stressed that they were still assessing the full impact on vineyards.

The rise of White Claw and Hard Seltzers:  White Claw will make its biggest ad push ever as seltzer space heats up.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!  The most popular beer at each of the 30 MLB ballparks.

Champagne sales are on the rise as restaurants open, vaccines are administered, and a celebratory mood grows, read more from the New York Post.