The Transformation of Alcohol Distribution

Pressure from small producers, ecommerce, and emerging new models are challenging the traditional three-tier system. How are new players and established wholesalers responding?

“Small importers are also seeking out new distribution solutions to simplify their route to market, particularly as they seek to expand, and a number of new logistics providers have emerged. Elenteny Imports provides distribution services in some states which allow importers and producers to sell direct to accounts; in other states they provide logistics and freight-forwarding services and work with a licensed distributor.

“We’re in 30 different states now, each with its own restrictions and registrations,” says Tim Gagnon, general manager of New York-based importer Selection Massale, which works with Elenteny. “Elenteny’s compliance team takes the logistics problems out of the equation. It really frees our company up to do what we do best, which is finding the producers and marketing and getting out there in the world and building these brands. It allows us to be a more nimble and focused company.”

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