Elenteny Imports February Newsletter


We’ve woven this week’s update (February 8th-12th) into the monthly newsletter so you can get all your import news in a single click.


Dates & News You Need to Know

How will Biden’s new Relief Plan affect you? See what’s going into the plan
Toasting defeat of excise tax. Read WSJ article here

Container-ship traffic jam outside L.A. Inside California’s colossal container-ship traffic jam

How Port of LA plans to move trucks faster through the terminals. Port of LA will pay container terminals for efficiency gains
Wine packaging drives sales. See recent winners of packaging design
Did breweries become pandemic-proof?  Six beer industry trends that you’ll see throughout 2021

DtC by the numbers. See the percentage of wine drinkers who consider online wine buying

What’s New at Elenteny?

Free Webinar: How importers can use Direct to Consumer (DtC) channels

On January 27th, Elenteny Imports along with Speakeasy Co. hosted a webinar to show how importers and alcohol brands can sell directly to consumers from their websites – while staying in compliance with the three-tier system.

If you missed the live webinar and would like a link to the recording, please email support@elentenyimports.com

Customer Spotlight: Fun Wine™

Fun Wine™ founder Joe Peleg believes that wine should be fun, not intimidating. When he saw the global movement to “Better for You”  alternatives, he created a selection of fun, bubbly wines that could be enjoyed by people of all (legal) ages. These lightly carbonated, low calorie, flavored wine drinks use unique all-natural ingredients, including an industry first: Monk Fruit.

The Fun Wine™ selections live up to the fun in its name: from Peach Passion Moscato™ and Coconut Chardonnay™ to Espresso Cabernet™ and Cappuccino Chardonnay™.

Fun Wine’s™ disruption extends to its bottling. Not only was it the first brand to introduce a wine drink in a can, but now, after two years of R&D, it offers the market’s first 330 mL aluminum bottles.

Raising a glass to Fun Wine™! Check out their growing movement and enjoy the original designs created by renowned Pop/Graffiti Artist Miguel Paredes. https://funwine.com

Check out Alexi’s podcast: Interview with Compliance Manager Marisa Wilairat

Why is alcohol compliance so difficult? It’s complicated because all rules for all states aren’t centralized in one place. You often have to research each state individually, and navigating state websites can be difficult. When you do find rules, you have to make sure you’re reading them within the full context. The text itself is difficult to parse through to then understand in common language. You can read the rule or an advisory over and over again, and you can still be unsure about what it means. Furthermore, rules can change. Even if you find them, learn them, commit them to memory (which, who can do for all the states?), or find a way to keep the rules documented, you have to keep updating them.Meet Marisa Wilairat, Compliance Manager. She is no stranger to risks and challenges—the very things that come with alcohol compliance.