How Importers Can Use Direct to Consumer (DtC) Channels – Webinar

There’s a boom in e-commerce alcohol sales, but with the restrictions of the three-tier system, can importers tap into this lucrative channel?

Because many of Elenteny’s customers are interested in growth, we wanted to introduce you to a webinar put on by Speakeasy Co., a leading e-commerce and logistics platform. They help importers and alcohol brands sell directly to consumers from their websites – while staying in compliance with the three-tier system.

You’ll learn: – How Speakeasy’s platform helps new, emerging and established brands use e-commerce correctly.
– Some of the logistical issues that catch importers by surprise and how to avoid them.
– Benefits of DtC e-commerce, versus marketplace solutions
– Key e-commerce services Speakeasy provides, including logistics, technology, and marketing.
– How marketing differs in DtC. Using purchasing data and storytelling to drive online sales.