December 2020 Newsletter + Weekly Update

CBMA- will tax cuts be renewed?  Until the 2021 Budget is finalized, the future of CBMA is still uncertain. Here are some possibilities; the current CBMA program could be:

  • modified to a general tax reduction
  • given a one-year continuance
  • discontinued all together

In any case, start working with your suppliers to get letters for 2021. 

Understand delays. Trucking, shipping and ports are feeling a pinch. Nationally there’s only one truck available for every seven loads. Global shipping delays can be felt with increased shipments, Covid-related staffing problems and issues with container availability and port staffing. Unfortunately, Q4’s global logistics headache will continue into Q1. To mitigate impact, plan ahead and place your orders as early as possible.    

Tips For Better Inventory Management.  What’s worse- getting stuck with too much inventory, or not being able to fulfill orders due to lack of product? You’re right:  both.  See what 10 industry suggest you do by clicking HERE



Plan for 2021 inventory:

Reserve your space on the next LCL container. We take orders on a first come, first serve basis for the lower volume routes. Email, or click the button below.

Review updated LCL departure dates here.

What’s New?


Enjoy free cases. Elenteny’s new referral program. Referrals are the biggest compliment a company can receive.  We’re grateful that so many customers believe in us and want to pass our name on to others in the industry. To show our gratitude, we created a new referral program. With every successful referral, we give free cases to both the referrer and the referee.  Click here for more details.

Customer Spotlight:
Selection Massale

Selection Massale is a national importer of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines — as well as spirits and beer — from all over the world. They work with some of the top producers in each category and spread unique products across 28 states in the US.

“All the wines are fermented naturally and made without cellar trickery or makeup.  We favor clean, highly drinkable wines.  We want our wines to be the first bottles emptied at the dinner table, but the longest remembered.”

Raising a glass to Selection Massale!  Check out some of the liquid treasures they’ve discovered in France, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Haiti.

Meet Selection Massale:

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Haiti’s oldest rum distillery is still run by the same family.

Rhum Barbancourt was founded in 1862 by the family patriarch, Dupré Barbancourt. Today Delphine Gardére has taken over the reins, with a focus on sustainability. Tune in as she discusses sustainability, cocktails, COVID and effective strategies for exporting their Haitian rum to the world.

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An Interview withDelphine GardéreCEO of The Oldest Haitian Rum Distillery: Rhum Barbancourt

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