Weekly Update: CBMA and 2021?

Freight Updates

CBMA and 2021?  According to information provided in a trade association conference call, involving the US Senate Finance Committee, if CBMA is to be extended into next year, it would likely be included in an end of year tax extender bill. Last year the extension was not signed, by the president, until December 20, 2019. The bill has Senate support and we would encourage you to reach out to your state Senator’s office to encourage action to extend the CBMA.

Reefer Availability – France/Spain  Reefer availability continues to be an issue. We have been warned, this week, about potential delays from Spain.  For the West Coast, we are now experiencing a 2+ week delay in reefer shipments.  For the East Coast, delays are approximately 2 weeks.  As an alternative, we would suggest you consider insulated containers for East Coast shipments.  In the case of LCL shipments, this will not only result in quicker shipment, but the cost per case of an insulated shipment will be reduced by $0.75.  We will be reaching out to our customers, who currently have East Coast shipments booked, to see if you would like to change from Reefer to insulated containers. As of this week, we are now experiencing 3 – 4 day delays for release of containers from East Coast ports.

Port Congestion Since late summer the inbound container activity in southern California and the Northeast are showing the complete volume reversal that was the reality of the first half.  Container-equipment lessor, Triton International reports demand as “exceptionally strong.”  Triton is forecasting strong container demand through at least the early part of 2021.  The full article may be found here.

Halloween costume shipping fun facts: Overall, Halloween container related shipping was down 7.2% from last year, Zombie costumes were down 43%, and Vampire costumes were 20% down.

Continued delays affecting LTL reefer trucking.   Elenteny preferred carriers, Advantage Transportation and Osborn trucking are experiencing very high demand right now. Coast to coast trucking is taking ~3 weeks for pickups to be coordinated. Local temp controlled trucking via Osborn is currently taking 3-5 business days to collect. We do have alternative solutions that would have to be quoted and will be higher than either of our preferred carriers. Make sure you plan ahead for November and December by ordering early.

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Elenteny Imports Low Volume Lane Schedule has been updated, see our schedule updates anytime here. Plan for your 2021 inventory.

Distribution Updates

We continue to see a steady uptick in order volume in our Direct Markets as we enter November. Please be mindful of this in potential delayed response times from our Distribution team.In an attempt to streamline the outside carrier pick up process, FDL has confirmed that all carriers who are picking up freight from Elenteny Imports can check in at 399 Mill Road. CPUs can continue to check in at Building 275.

DNT has made some updates to their Winter 2020 schedule. These changes will go into effect from November 1st, 2020 through April 30th, 2021. Click Here to Read More.

You may reference our cutoffs for next-day deliveries at our website here.

In the meantime, all of our warehouses continue to operate with limited staff, resulting in delayed turnaround times for both physical requests and inbounds. FDL’s delivery schedule has been updated to five days a week and may be found here.

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  • Sparkling Wine Sales Stay Strong Through Pandemic. Scan data from Nielsen off-premise outlets show domestic sparkling wine sales in the 52 weeks ended Sept. 5 exceeding $789 million, up nearly 12% from a year ago.  More detail may be found here.
  • France’s second lockdown coincides with the “biggest month” for wine sales  “A strict 4-week [potentially renewable] lockdown period will lead to the same consequences as the spring lockdown – a 30% drop in sales.”