USA: a woman at the helm of the new overseas wine import trend

For many Alexi Cashen is the host of a popular podcast on wine & spirits while for the more experienced she is the woman who is launching one of the most innovative models of wine import in the USA. Cashen is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who, with her company Elenteny Imports, has set up a new wine import format that follows the customer from the shipment of the products to their storage and, in some cases, up to distribution, making the export process faster, customized and organic.

In the United States – where, in wine, the obsolete three-tier system laws are in force – it is not taken for granted that one can rely on a single player in the territory, which carries out together the logistics of the shipment, customs clearance and the consequent part legislation (taxes, insurance etc etc), the storage and conveyance of the product to wholesalers and retailers. Entrepreneurial initiatives such as that of Alexi Cashen reflect a new trend or, better, a desire to break through the meshes of the famous American system based on three levels – production, import, distribution – which often makes the sale of wine not very agile and certainly a lot the cost of the product to the consumer is high.

Determined and multifaceted entrepreneur originally from Colorado (in her spare time she leads her popular podcast dedicated to women in the wine & spirits industry), Cashen founded her company aiming to offer very advanced shipping and compliances services (adherence to to the rules during customs clearance, taxation, insurance etc). To these the customer can also add other services such as wine storage and even distribution, which the company carries out under its own license in five key states of the States – NYC, Colorado, California, Illinois, D.C. and New Jersey- and in the rest by relying on other distributors.

The centralization of all these services allows exporting companies to contain costs in the States, and make all operations faster. Furthermore, in this way, companies that traditionally rely on one or more importers, will be able to choose instead to entrust most of the logistical services to unique intermediaries such as Elenteny and have their own representative in the territory that follows directly and focuses on the sales according to the strategies of your company.

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