Elenteny Imports – Operations Update: Week of April 12th – 18th 

We continue to operate in a very challenging environment.  All of our shipping lanes continue to operate at reduced capacity.  It is estimated that currently, worldwide shipping providers are operating at 50% capacity.  This results in delayed and canceled shipments. Click here for a complete overview. 

Latest Updates

  • South Africa wine exports have resumed as of April 7th
  • The industry continues to suffer a serious shortage of reefer containers. We will always give you the option of shipping via an insulated container, at a reduced cost, or waiting for a reefer container.  Unfortunately, it has become difficult to predict the availability of reefer containers with any certainty. For the moment, we are prioritizing reefer containers to our west coast shipments.
  • Carriers are now charging Emergency Fees; however, these have been offset by the fall in fuel surcharges, so our LCL rates remain unchanged
  • As part of our ongoing initiative to support you through these difficult times, we continue to offer a 10% discount on our LCL rates and $800 off FCL shipments
  • We have added a section to our new website dedicated to Covid-19 updates. Look for the blue banner at the top of the page.
  •   Our New York office remains closed. While our staff operates remotely, please make any AR payments Electronically, details can be found here


As we move through these next few weeks, we want you to know we are very open to hearing from you and from your customers. We have already had several great suggestions surrounding communicating and receiving payment from customers. If there is any way to allow our businesses to interact more easily, please let us know.