(March 20, 2020) Elenteny Freight update

Good afternoon Elenteny customers,

We wanted to send a general update on Freight conditions in Europe and here in the US.


As of today, ocean freight continues to function somewhat normally as they have not been subject to quarantines or government mandated shut down as of yet. Many personnel both in Europe and the US are working remotely and continue processing shipments. Pick ups are delayed in certain regions or production facilities due to quarantine closures/reduction in staff, but they are still running.

Domestically, we have seen issues at some of the ports. Houston had to suspend work at two of the terminals to sanitize equipment. Terminals in Florida have closed certain days of the week due to a decrease in imports. Oakland and New York have been experiencing congestion issues but are still running at full capacity. We hope this will continue through next week but anticipate possible closures of some of the facilities for deep cleaning.

Our warehousing partners plan on being open next week to receive containers and inventory. Mandatory closures so far do not include food and beverage warehouses.

Next week and beyond may present new challenges as this crisis evolves resulting in port closures, canceled routes and rerouting of containers. Due to the intense strains on global supply chain, if an LCL container incurs any unforeseen surcharges, we must declare force majeure on our commitment to absorb all charges beyond what we’ve quoted you for your shipments. All surcharges will be passed along 100%.

We hope these do not occur but also must be realistic in today’s landscape. We will continue to pass along news as we receive it.

Elenteny Imports wishes you and your families the best through this difficult time.


Thank you,

The Elenteny Team