Updated remittance information – no employees in the office

We hope that you are staying safe and that your company and employees are protected during these unprecedented times.

Elenteny Imports closed our New York office March 11th in response to the Coronavirus and are working remotely from home.  We are no longer sending employees to the office to process checks.

We do need to process your payments on time in adherence with the various States who regulate wholesale terms.  We request that you PLEASE MAKE ONLINE PAYMENTS ONLY!  

  • We have a convenient tool, Paystand, that is emailed to you with every sale, guiding you to a link to pay electronically by ACH. If you need it resent, please email ar@teimports.com
  • Send ACH payment from your bank. If you use this option, and are delinquent, please send payment confirmation along with an invoice reference to ar@teimports.com
  • Delinquent accounts MUST PREPAY VIA ACH. We will not send an order for an account that is on COD without payment.
  • If you must send paper checks. We have partnered with Wells Fargo who can process checks via their center located in Philadelphia. Please send them to this address only:

PO BOX 780578

If you have already sent a paper check to our office and it has not been deposited, it will be destroyed. Please re-send payment to one of the options above.

Please plan accordingly as there are government delinquency regulations that may impact your business if we do not receive timely payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our AR department at ar@elentenyimports.com. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I sent a check to the office already what will happen?
R: We will destroy all checks sent to the office during this time
Q: If I can not send electronic payment and am delinquent status. Can I still give the driver a check?
R: Yes, paper checks will be sent to the PO Box in PA.