May 2018 Newsletter

May 2018 Newsletter

T. Elenteny Imports

“May more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.”
-Fennel Hudson

Staff Changes:

We are excited to announce two new hires in our sales department!

Mark Hutchens ( is taking on the role of Director of Business Development. 

Phil Lander ( is taking on the role of Director of Partner Sales. 

We are very excited to have them on board and look forward to you interacting with them – mainly Phil – who is here to support our current partners.

Connecticut Brand Registrations:

Please note that for purposes of brand registrations in Connecticut, the State may begin enforcing their rule that either a laboratory analysis or notarized statement detailing the alcohol type and proof is required (for all products).

State Delays:

Texas is experiencing delays in processing brand registrations with processing time for approvals around 5 weeks. North Carolina is also experiencing delays with processing time for approvals taking as long as 3 months.

Brand Registration Renewals:

Please be on the lookout for emails from Compliance about brand registration renewals for Tennessee, Maine, and Florida.

Sales Rep Travel:

If you are planning a trip or are going to be unreachable, please let the Order Board know. We will do our best to assist with deliveries in your absence!

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