Jeanneiris Rivera

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jeanneiris first visited the big apple in 2011 to study Fashion Merchandizing. After a discussion with one of her peers she became interested in logistics and after one year she changed her major and returned to her home country to finish her studies.

Returning to New York in 2016, Jeanneiris had graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart, studying International Commerce and foreign languages. She managed to retain a large portion of her Portuguese learnings but her mandarin is still a work in progress, very slow progress. She has found a new home at T. Elenteny and is excited to immerse herself in the logistics industry. 

She is the proud mom of 15 plants and is always looking to add more to her family. She can be found in her natural habitat, the beach (if weather even allows it) or roaming through thrift stores in her new home, Brooklyn. On her time off she enjoys finding new places to eat and trying new food from different cultures. She has also become a big fan of board games and can be found dabbling in Magic (the card game, not David Blaine style) from time to time.