Attention: Electronic Payments & New PO Box

Attention: Electronic Payments & New PO Box

We hope that you are staying safe and that your company and employees are protected during these unprecedented times.

Elenteny Imports closed our office last week in an effort to keep our employees safe by working remotely from home.  Unfortunately, we are forced to send delegates to open hundreds of paper checks that are mailed to our office.  We cannot continue this effort; however, we need to process your payments on time in adherence with the various states that regulate wholesale terms.  We request that you PLEASE MAKE ONLINE PAYMENTS ONLY.  IF YOU MUST MAIL PAYMENT, PLEASE MAKE IMMEDIATE CHANGES TO OUR REMITTANCE ADDRESS IN YOUR ACCOUNTING SYSTEM.

  1. Emailed invoices include a Paystand link to pay electronically via ACH                  *Ask for help paying any open invoices
  2. We have a new PO Box for ALL MAILED CHECKS that our bank processes daily.  Please remit payments to this address only:
PO BOX 780578

3. Deposit your checks personally at any Wells Fargo Bank
4. Here are all of our bank details and complete instructions: BANK DETAILS

Please note that we will not be sending a delegate to our office starting next week to open and process paper checks.  Please plan accordingly as there are government delinquency regulations that may impact your business if we do not receive timely payment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Alexi Cashen
CEO, Elenteny Imports